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Tl;dr: I’m still scared of feeling.

And feelings.

Dear self,

Whenever you’re ready.


I am letting it be. After all, we weave our own paths.

Déjà vecu

On life, deaths, déjà vu’s, and second chances.

I’m Going To Leave You Behind In 2016

If I were to leave this year honest


I have succumbed to the quiet — hopefully nearing genuine peace since at times, I have to admit, the silence seems more empty and numbing than serene.

Speech Lust

Let me eternalize your own writings that inspired me to write too.


Day 3

I understand.


And if you decide not to come back, know that I will forever be thankful that we have crossed paths. You have taught me that no matter how temporary things are, no matter how impossible they may seem, it’s always worth risking — even just for the learning. Even just for the temporary feeling.

This is me trying to brave the storm

This is how difficult it is to resist the course of nature.