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The Great Beyond

Today, I honour you, Luigi. I hope you have reached the Great Beyond. The sunflower blooms for you too.


Break(ing point)?

Maybe, I just need to rest.

Young Volcano

I’m probably doing this the wrong way but to whatever sets my soul on fire–

For the fickle

So if you insist, let’s keep the pretense. Let’s be oblivious.


I do what every person who’s afraid to drown would do: flail my arms helplessly trying to get a hold of you — my lifebuoy. I let my mind panic instead of actually checking first if my feet could reach the ground…

20 Nov 2017


Daily Pursuit

I remind myself that what I have and where I am is a blessing and I have to make use of the cards I’m dealt with.


I was your cover for your misery. I was a bandaid to a bigger wound but you were already my medication.

Catharsis 0.021

I’ve fallen to the abyss, surrounded by a plethora of concerns. I told myself I was ready for this but I realised that even though I am, I don’t want it.


This is what I give you — an aubade, a dawn serenade, an expression of my affection before we part ways, just before the sun rises.