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I was your cover for your misery. I was a bandaid to a bigger wound but you were already my medication.


Catharsis 0.021

I’ve fallen to the abyss, surrounded by a plethora of concerns. I told myself I was ready for this but I realised that even though I am, I don’t want it.


This is what I give you — an aubade, a dawn serenade, an expression of my affection before we part ways, just before the sun rises.


“You never really love someone until you learn to forgive.”

(Jan 4 edit)

A sleepyhead’s rambling

Alea iacta est

— just a little frightened of the tides;

Quit you

I am letting you go — without explanation, without reason.

Morning Poison

Well, if this is how you want it to be.

Catharsis 0.019 (What you write when it rains and you’re a mild ombrophobe)

I acknowledge the lapses; I acknowledge the relapses. And most importantly, I acknowledge that healing is not an instantaneous process.

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