I have told myself again and again that I am desensitized. I’m not. Who am I kidding? My brain resorts to you when there’s nothing else to think about. It’s your absence in my life that I have realized I still am, perhaps after all this time, into you.


7:47 AM: It’s already almost an hour since I came here. There’s only the sound of the aircon humming and the frequent rolling of the housekeeping’s carts. Other than that, it’s a complete… Continue reading

Catharsis 0.015

The truth is, I’m scared. I’m scared of what tomorrow would bring. I’m scared of the unknown and of the unexpected. I’m scared because I feel lifeless and I no longer have the drive as strong as that of when there was still fire.

I am in search for the spark that would keep me going.

Protected: Valentine Confession

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Remaneo: a soul-search

I stayed in the paper town and waited for it to burn. I stayed, waited, and observed. I wanted to understand why I was put in a situation I’ve been resisting.

On dreaming, waking up, and writing

This was supposed to be an entry I’d write the moment I woke up and stared into nothing — that moment when my dream ended and had this weird feeling that’s between nostalgia… Continue reading

Protected: Let the hormones talk

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Last night, I dreamt of you


n. an image that inexplicably leaps back into your mind from the distant past

Tilt shift

We believe that we’d heal, or that we’d get to move on, or we’d end up one day with a nice job, the love of our life, a pretty house, kids, family, etc. as if our life was already a written story waiting to be read or maybe to happen. But what if the plot doesn’t make sense anymore?