Catharsis 0.017

Protected: Catharsis 0.016: The (Almost) Complete Story About My Previous (Failed) Relationships

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Saturday Ramblings

What was it? Does it even matter?

I have been questioning my sanity for the past weeks. Am I clinging? Am I getting attached? Am I having feelings? Am I ready for this? Do I even want it?


‘Adult’ life has changed my bedtime from 2 AM to 11 PM — meaning it’s already past my bedtime assuming I plan to get the usual five hours of sleep. The thing is,… Continue reading


I have conceded that I am yet to find inspiration because at the moment, I am not hurting. I am not confused. I am okay. Stable. At equilibrium. At the steady state.


It isn’t being negative per se. It’s being resigned to everything. It’s no longer feeling. It’s not knowing. It’s the lack of grieving.


For all that it’s worth, I hope you never forget. I hope you never stop questioning. I hope you never settle.

Two Bottles

I’m usually an honest human being, that’s given. Except that I do lie to myself a lot. At the moment, I’m convincing myself that the saxophone is just sexy hence I’m repeatedly playing… Continue reading

May 3

I want to have time for you but we both know how impossible that is.   — Me to writing. — Me to you.


I would only be at peace if I know you are extremely happy — the type that you can’t compare to ours. Why? Because I’m not the bitter person to be angry or jealous of some new girl when I know she’s the one meant for you.

I don’t really care if she loves you less, I just hope she loves you right.