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Chère nouvelle fille:

La ex-copine.

Speech Lust

Let me eternalize your own writings that inspired me to write too.


What you leave behind

The thing is, I don’t know how to write about this. I don’t know how to explain how it feels. I have no idea how I can make you grasp the concept of transitioning from a college student to someone trying to be an adult.

I Don’t Usually Give Up But I’m Giving Up On Love

I always tell people to try, to open up their hearts, to give it another shot, to break their own hearts but lately I feel like it shouldn’t be that hard, it shouldn’t be a war and it honestly just stopped making sense to me.

Hiatus 2.0

One day, I’ll write again.

Day 3

I understand.


And if you decide not to come back, know that I will forever be thankful that we have crossed paths. You have taught me that no matter how temporary things are, no matter how impossible they may seem, it’s always worth risking — even just for the learning. Even just for the temporary feeling.

This is me trying to brave the storm

This is how difficult it is to resist the course of nature.