Holidays are amazing: I get to sleep long and wake up without an alarm; I don’t have to do my daily sales report; I am at my most peaceful– but also, perhaps, most vulnerable.

Not going to work for a couple of days means life slows down. I don’t get to worry about work, my boss, my job. I am free from obligations (for most of it). And, I get to think about all the minute details in my life.

I have gone from the reckless risk-taker to the more quiet and patient human. I realised it’s best to wait and listen before acting. It’s not a lazy girl’s excuse– it’s part of learning. You wait and see when’s the best time to strike instead of wasting all your energy on something that won’t even budge.

For the past months, my life has been all about “trying to be”. Things have to be a certain way. I have to be a certain way. It’s tiring. Forcing everything to be something and not letting life take its course is tiring. Once you get tired, you halt. You finally get to accept whatever it is that you cannot change. You just let things be.

I am letting it be. After all, we weave our own paths.

And so, here I am, taking the last step of my old turbulent life, finally ending the chapter. It ended the way I wanted it to– maybe just a little too abrupt for my liking but I knew it needed to come to that.

Goodbye to the craziest road I took. I got to where I wanted to be– a bit tired but ready for the new beginnings.