Déjà vecu

I was on my way home when I had a conversation about deaths and reincarnations. I remembered this article I chanced upon saying that when we die, our souls go on to live another life in a new body. Take for example a priest who dies can be born 3000 years ago as a little girl in China or a white man 29 years from now. I asked him if he believes in such and he just throws another question:

“Have you ever felt that you’ve been somewhere before? Or like something has happened to you already?”

“Like déjà vu?” I asked.

He answered, “When I was young, it felt like I’ve been to Switzerland. With all the windmills and green grass.”

“I’ve always thought I’ve already been to Australia when I was little too. The scene that’s been recurring was a plane ride back to Australia. But the plane never lands. Maybe I died in a plane crash.”

I shared this conversation with my sister and she told me, “First thing to ask, has there ever been a plane crash in the past?” and I told her it doesn’t necessarily have to be written in history but can be an event yet to occur. I researched anyway and found just a few days ago, a plane crashed in Melbourne killing 4 people: the pilot, a CEO, a retired FBI agent, and a lawyer. I even joked that I could be the FBI agent.

It would be interesting to know what past life I have lived or still am to live. Maybe the spirit goes on. And I thought to myself, how amusing it is to know that I have more than one life to live, and how beautiful it is to know that I have an infinite chance of being with you. Maybe we all do find our soulmates after all — perhaps not in this lifetime, but hopefully in another.