Hiatus 2.0

WordPress reminded me that it’s been a month since I wrote. I would have expected myself to come up with something already to free the many things that are confined in my mind but my schedule didn’t allow me. Of course it doesn’t matter now — seeing I’m up this late again, without the need to wake up early tomorrow.

I have a lot of backlogs but I’ve lost the words I wanted to write as soon as they came. For instance, I could have written about that Friday night I saw my ex. Or how I got my life fucked up that one Wednesday night. Or how I feel like I’m running out of moves in my game, already having to concede to a stalemate.

Maybe one day, I’ll find my words again. Or they’ll find me with all the time in the world and be able to let them out. I don’t want my musings to remain with me alone. So here’s a promise to give time to myself, to writing, and to letting go of all the emotional baggage.