I wanted to do away with an election-related post and just stick with what I intentionally wanted to write: feelings, boys, alcohol, among others. However, my love for the country is greater than my love for any guy so, let me saturate you further with my thoughts.

During my last year in college, I took Socio 101 thinking that I have studied the canons anyway so this would be easy for me. Although it was such a pathetic excuse in taking a subject, at least I managed to learn something else. One thing that stuck with me was the concept of nepantla.

Nepantla, in its most general sense, refers to the concept of “in betweenness”. Nepantla is a world where culture and ideologies clash. It is a place of confusion, of constant wariness, anxiousness, misunderstanding, and even pain. It’s the world wherein you get to question everything because things don’t make sense.

Nepantla is the in between.

According to a sociologist whose name I forgot, the world is in a constant state of nepantla. Many people, however, ignores this for it is easier to live in a silent and convenient world. We are afraid of having questions we cannot answer. We are afraid of discourse. We would rather forget.

And this country almost did forget.

For all that it’s worth, I hope you never forget. I hope you never stop questioning. I hope you never settle because it is in silence, in passively accepting what is, that we lose ourselves. It is in indifference and unthinkable agreement that we let ourselves be oppressed. It is in confusion and in pain that we thrive. It is in the chaos in oneself that we give birth to a dancing star.