Two Bottles

I’m usually an honest human being, that’s given. Except that I do lie to myself a lot. At the moment, I’m convincing myself that the saxophone is just sexy hence I’m repeatedly playing this song.


I know that. I know for a fact that I’ve been playing this song trying to make sense why you wanted me to listen to it. I want to know why you tell this one’s for us. I want to understand why, what’s going on. I want answers.

But basically, your stupid song is just as vague as you are.

And still, here I am, listening.

And still, here I am.

I’m asking myself if I should leave. If maybe I should be the ‘better person’ and completely disappear from your life. If maybe we should finally stop playing the game we started three years ago. Shouldn’t we have grown up already? Be more mature? Shouldn’t three years entail a greater sense of responsibility over our actions?

No? So what is it?


(I’m not going to finish this entry for my sanity)