Box 7

November (2014)

This post is already a year late. I would have posted more photos but I deleted a lot after my ex and I broke up a couple of months ago. Anyway, I’d do my best to recall what happened a year ago but I do hope you just enjoy the photos.

  • Starbucks photos – probably one of the rare days that we went to have breakfast as a family early in the morning
  • Some random photo of the area near the Math Building
  • Stress relievers. As for the second dessert photo, I remember I was doing thesis when my mom went in my room and brought me that.
  • National Youth Congress. I headed the Quiz Bee team and I have no idea who wrote that but those are little things that you’d really appreciate when you’re already stressed from an event.
  • My orgmate with a kid from Pook Ricarte. This was one of the few CDCs I attended during my last year in college.
  • Another random photo of the hourglass in the AEC/ PX tambayan.