I haven’t written for quite sometime and I feel like it is necessary that I write again even though I really have nothing to say in particular. I feel like I owe myself a lot of entries already — like, all those adventures and misadventures since November 2014. I haven’t written for too long because of the fear of overthinking. But I guess, that’s the beauty in writing — overthinking but still being able to organize your thoughts. You get to say what you want to say and delete it before it gets too messy.

A lot has happened already. I’ve closed around three chapters of my life since the last time I posted Box 6. So here’s an entry to just remind myself to write once again. Maybe someday, when I grow things back, I’d start doing all the other things I stopped doing — the hobbies I once let define me. Maybe someday, I’d write another note. But as of now, I’d take another break from writing until I have filled myself with new experiences and thoughts. Someday, when I’m no longer empty from writing my heart out, I’d write you a wonderful story about how a pen lost its black ink and was filled with a golden one.