Life, et al

Whatever it is that you’re going through, remember it’s just a phase. It will pass. Things will always get better for you — no matter how bad things already seem, trust me, it’ll work out. Maybe not always the way you want it to be, but they’ll work out just fine, enough for you to continue.

I say these words to myself, and to you as well. All you who have been suffering, being a wreck over someone or something, you’ll be fine. We will be fine.

Last night, a friend I wasn’t really close to just messaged me her encouragement and also opened up what she’s going through. I tried to say what I could but at the end, I realized, if I were in her place, I also don’t know what words I’d want to hear. Surprisingly and unfortunately, a few minutes after that conversation, I was in the exact same position. After crying my heart out, I tried to get myself together. I tried to comfort anyone who needs it despite the dire necessity of the same comfort on my part. Why? Because no one deserves to feel how I felt. No one deserves to be that broken. No one deserves to cry themselves to sleep, unsure of what tomorrow will bring them.

So let me assure you, things would get better. Go ahead, cry before you sleep. Feel the heaviness in your chest. Be inevitably sad for the next couple of days or weeks. I’m telling you, it will get better.

And if you really feel bad about it, do something. And if you think you no longer have the ball in your court, steal it back. And if you can no longer do that, realize that there are other better games waiting for you.

So chin up, you’ll be fine. We’ll be fine. You’ll get through. We’ll get through.