Gleamed Ruins

I write this to you for always being there when I need you. I know you wouldn’t even get to read this but thank you. It’s nice to know that even if I haven’t been around for more than a year now, I’d message you and you’d reply in an instant. You always say the words that make me smile and I’m really really thankful. You never judge nor do you lie about what you think. Thank you for not ruining what I have now and knowing your place even if at times, you were attacked for baseless reasons. Like you said, I’d always hold a special place in your heart, so do you to me. You’ll always be my pseudo-brod and I’ll always be your lil sis.

I used to get sad about the fact that we dated just to use each other to move on. But I loved how it went — how you were the only guy who didn’t make me cry. How you’re the only guy who never made me mad. How you’re the only guy who never broke my heart. Because hey, we were almost there but still not together. I used to hate those types of relationships but I realized there’s nothing to hate about it. You’re my go-to person, I told you that. Thank you, for being the kindest friend I know. Thank you for being the person I could tell anything about, even my deepest insecurities. Thank you for all the advice that never fails to calm me down. Thank you for letting light gleam even upon ruins.

I have a lot to tell you. I miss you. Not how we used to be but how I can talk to you without the worry of being hated upon. I miss you and I want you to know that. Not in the romantic kind of way but that brotherly-sisterly love we can’t take away. I miss you and I hope you’re doing fine.

I love how you always seem to understand me. How you say “gets” when I make a point. How you present to me the tails when all I see is heads. Thank you.

Thank you for changing me. Thank you for shedding light. Thank you for being that person who got away but still stayed. Differently. Thank you. :)