UP Prof Review Part 4 (PE)

As a tribute to the universe for making me graduate with honors and on time, here’s the classic UP Prof Guide (err more like review since I’ll talk about profs I encountered). There will be four parts: GEs, PEs, Econ subjects, and other electives/ required courses I took.

So, just a quick guide on this review. I’ll be giving the following information: course name, professor, class experience, exam style, requirements, materials used, and grade range (at least the grade I got).

(Note: Please forgive the reviews for the subjects I took on my early semesters. I hardly remember them.

PE 2 FTSL – Sir Andres Crisanto Gonzales

Okay, so you like soccer/ futbol? But you hate the sunken garden mud and the sun? Well then futsal is the best PE for you. You’d learn first the basics of futbol — dribbling, feints, passing, and then strategies. Coach Anto gives quizzes. Rarely written, mostly practical (dribbling and dummy). You’d get to play after learning all techniques. Note that the game is always mixed meaning you’re teammates with both girls and boys so it gets pretty dirty at one point. Class is fun. Just make sure you eat something and you have water. We had interclass for finals.

Complete PE uniform and futsal shoes, including long socks and pads are required.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

PE 2 BW-D – Sir Noel Rivera

I’m not sure if it’s proper to write a review about Sir Noel as a Duckpin Bowling professor because of what happened to the Alumni Center. Nevertheless, the class was fun. You’d be grouped and then assigned to certain lanes. Team scores and individual scores matter. If you feel like you’re not doing well, you can play on your own after class and just submit the score sheet to Sir after. He’s lenient. Sad, I’m not sure you’d still get to experience this. Sir Noel teaches you how your body should move before really letting you play, just for muscle memory. Attendance is important just like in any other PE.

PE shirt and rubber shoes required.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

PE 2 JU – Ma’am Catherine Joy Lariosa

I fell in love with this class. Really. Read here.

Anyway, to simplify that essay, judo is the best PE ever. Like really. You’d learn self-defense! Judo’s a gentle martial art even if you do a lot of throwing and grappling. This class saved my life. REALLY. (I got hit by a van and thank God I learned side fall in Judo so I was able to reduce the impact when I fell to the ground AND didn’t damage my head.) It’s a really physical sport so if you’re not into that, well find another PE. In our class, I got to pair with both boys and girls, big and small, light and heavy. But of course, I usually get to pair up with another girl for randori. I loved this class more than words can explain. So take it. You won’t regret it. As you can expect, exams are all practical. You’d start with tsugi ashi (yes, that requires you to learn how to count in Japanese!) and proceed with falling, judo roll, throwing, pinning, and so on. You’re also required to write a course essay at the end of the semester. For finals, you’ll have interclass. You’d get to have medals and stuff, so come on, isn’t that fun?

You need a judo gi for this class.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

PE 3 JU – Ma’am CJ Lariosa

As you can see, I loved this PE so much I took advance judo. Same course requirements except that if it’s UAAP season, you’ll be required to watch and score. Or attend club trainings if you can’t. Instead of the interclass (since you usually just have one PE 3 class), we organized the interclass for the PE 2 students. The techniques are more complex. Judo is really nice. I mean it. You’d get instant workout every meeting (especially if you take it during summer (midyear in your case) wherein you’ll have meetings everyday!)

Same with PE 2, you need a gi for the class.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]