UP Prof Review Part 3 (Electives)

As a tribute to the universe for making me graduate with honors and on time, here’s the classic UP Prof Guide (err more like review since I’ll talk about profs I encountered). There will be four parts: GEs, PEs, Econ subjects, and other electives/ required courses I took.

So, just a quick guide on this review. I’ll be giving the following information: course name, professor, class experience, exam style, requirements, materials used, and grade range (at least the grade I got).

(Note: Please forgive the reviews for the subjects I took on my early semesters. I hardly remember them.)

MATH 17 – Sir John Gabriel Pelias

Yup, he’s that genius professor. He just graduated that time. He knew a lot of things. It’s insane. Like his bonus questions for exercises of exams would be random things related to world history or philosophy or physics or biology. Math 17’s like your high school math cramped in one semester. The topics are not new maybe that’s why I easily get what he says? I’m not sure if he was really clear in discussing or it’s just that I already knew the topics… Either way, he’s good. Fair in giving partial points. He tends to extend classes though (our schedule was 4 PM – 5:15 PM; imagine the drag when he extends it to 5:30 and sometimes even almost 6). I don’t remember much from Math 17. It’s very basic yet a lot of people fail this subject for some reason. My tip is don’t get intimidated. Math 17 is not difficult. You’re a freshie? Stop thinking you’ll fail it. You can do it. Just take down notes and solve everything on your own before you copy the prof’s solution. Use samplexes for exams — they’re a great help. Copy everything written on the board. Just take down notes. Always take down notes. I didn’t use any book for this class, just my notebook and samplexes.

Final Grade: [1.75, 2.25] (Yes, he has super high standards I think only one person got an uno in class.)

MATH 100 – Sir Allan Junio

He’s a good prof. He makes sure you understand everything he discusses and tries to explain it in the simplest manner. Math 100 is Introduction to Calculus. Please don’t be scared of mathematics. Especially calculus. Calculus is easy. During my time, Math 100 is focused on limits and differentiation (and then Math 102 covers integration although I think they changed this already). Sir Junio writes the process in the board so make sure, again, that you copy. It’s helpful, really. He’s very generous in partial points especially for example, you forgot your negative sign but he sees that your solution is still correct, you’ll get very little deductions. He’s really understanding when it comes to those things ha ha. He’ll tell you “Nakakasira ng buhay ‘yang negative sign na ‘yan.”  He’s a funny guy and he’s usually close to his students. Understandable and understanding. No modules yet during my time, I think? You’ll survive with notes and samplexes.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

STAT 101 – Sir Joyce Punzalan

Uhm, how do we do this. Ha ha ha. Sir Punzalan is one funny prof but not in the sense that he makes jokes. It’s because he tends to be really bitchy it’s funny. The subject is a crash course. They’d teach you regression but you won’t understand anything anyway. Ha ha. Sir gives handouts so keep them and solve them!!! I remember he calls people alphabetically to solve each problem. And then always bring your handouts and sci cal. And watch out for the pink potato question in the exam. Ha ha ha ha ha. Finals are departmental so make sure you’d get a samplex. Not much need for notes because it’s all in your handouts.

Final Grade: [1.50, 2.00)

FRENCH 10 – Sir Camillo Nogoy

Like I’ve said in my review years ago, this elective’s worth taking. And Sir Nogoy makes it a lot of times better. Although I’ve heard a lot of students complain about him, how he’s such a bitch, etc, I’d beg to differ. Sir has his own kind of humor just like everyone else so don’t take him seriously. I know someone who dropped this class because “sir told him he doesn’t have his own book” etc. Yes he requires you to have your books (you’ll photocopy this in FC). You’ll learn basic French like counting, asking for basic information, and teaching directions. You’ll learn how to pronounce words properly so you’d get to read French even if you can’t understand it. Sir Nogoy also teaches you a lot of unnecessary stuff and he used to pick on me and my friends for being conyo but it’s all good. Don’t get pissed off. I think he enjoys it when he ticks someone off. He gives exemptions. He’s really nice and cool. He’s pretty close to his students and I did enjoy his sense of humor. Took it on a summer and he didn’t teach after and I didn’t want to take French 11 under a different professor.

Final Grade: [1.25, 1.75]

ACCTG 1 – Sir Joselito Florendo

Aaah. My first grade that’s below 2. I’d be biased because a lot of people enjoyed this class. I didn’t. I missed the second exam because of stomach flu and so I had to take the finals which covered everything. And I had to study 800+ pages. 800+ FREAKING PAGES. I hated this subject along with the professor so meh. He jokes around a lot especially on guys because.. you do understand, right? He gives homework and you’re required to read and read and read. Like do understand everything. So my tip for you so you don’t mess up this subject and professor like I did, don’t cut class. Read. Do your homework. And try not to stay at the back with your noisy orgmates. Participate in class. It’s a really large class but I remember he gives a lot of bonus points if you keep on reciting. Most of my classmates liked the class, I think? It’s BA accounting anyway so it’s supposedly better than Ma’am Arandia’s class HA HA HA.

Book used: Financial Accounting by Williams, Haka, Bettner, and Carcello (I think. Or is it the Financial and Managerial Accounting?)

Final Grade: [2.00, 2.75] (Note: my grade’s below class average! The average, I think is 1.75)

MATH 102 – Sir Junio

I took Sir Junio again for Intermediate Calculus. Same comments. The subject’s mostly integral calculus (at least during that time.) Still no books/ modules/ etc. Just rely on your notes.

Side story: My Math 102 is scheduled 7 am so how fun was that? I didn’t go to class anymore if I arrive really late because it’s kinda embarrassing to be that late so I’d just photocopy my classmate’s notes and self-study. Sir still gives seatwork and at times, homework too.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

MATH 180.1 – Ma’am Laarni Dela Cruz

I took this when I was second year and I can say I really was stupid for taking this that early. I had no background in matrices except for what I learned in Math 102. Math 180.1 is Operations Research I. It deals with linear programming and integer programming. The useful part (if you’re an econ student, meaning the Kuhn-Tucker, Lagrange, etc) comes in last. I took this together with my Econ 106 so yes, it made Econ 106 easier to understand but I still struggled my way through this class. I failed the first exam (which was different from the exam my classmates took because it was a conflict exam ha ha.) I took a lot of notes but it was difficult to follow because unlike the usual Math professors I’ve encountered, Ma’am Laarni barely writes the entire process aka she doesn’t spoon-feed. She’s not very gracious with partial points and she can be a little mataray but she’s sometimes really considerate like when she asks you to solve a problem in front of the class, she’ll guide you. No samplex nor books so imagine how difficult it was. I was able to take this class even if I haven’t taken Math 114 nor Math 50 series yet. Don’t do that, okay? Take Math 114 first.

Final Grade: [1.75, 2.25]

MATH 53 – Ma’am Alelie Bagsit

The usual set up of Math 53 and Math 54 classes is like this: you’ll have a large class every other day wherein they’ll discuss everything and then the discussion class will be for you to solve exercises for supposedly better understanding. Luckily, I took Math 53 on a summer so Ma’am Bagsit discussed everything unlike if you have lecture and discussion class separately. Ma’am Bagsit tells a lot of jokes. She’s funny. And she sometimes bring her little girl in class. That aside, Math 53 is like your Math 100 and a little Math 102 except that it’s more in depth. We used modules for this class and I almost always sleep because it’s 3 hours per day and Ma’am sometimes even extend and I’ve heard the lesson already from Math 100 so yeah, it was easy. Ma’am is also fair in partial points. Just write your solution in an organized manner. The exams were okay, not really difficult. I think we even had a take home exam? I’m not sure. But Math 53 will really be easier if you took Math 100 already. Ma’am will give you the slides which contains everything. Just solve the items there to review.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

MATH 54 – Sir Kelvin Lagota/ Ma’am Lailani Walo

Ma’am Walo’s the big class lecturer. She teaches well. Clear. Stay in front if you can during large class lectures and avoid sitting with your friends so you’d really listen. Although like Math 53, you’d receive a copy of the slides so it’s alright if you don’t take as much notes. I personally didn’t like Sir Lagota’s teaching because he just gives you exercises and rarely really discusses. (I guess it’s assumed that you should have learned it from the large class already.) He sometimes gives useful tips. He’s the one who checks your papers and he’s not really generous in giving partial points. He also prides in making difficult exams (I think he makes the third exam) that a lot of students fail in. Math 54 is more of vectors. The first lessons are similar to your Math 102 (at least mine, I guess) but it gets more complicated towards the end.

Tip: You can observe the schedules math profs usually take for the past semesters so that even if it’s concealed, you still have a higher chance of getting the professor you want.

This subject is (supposedly!) a pre-requisite to Math 114.

Final Grade: [1.75, 2.25]

MATH 162 – Ma’am Alelie Bagsit

Math 162 is Theory of Interest. It’s very Econ 122, if you know what I mean although it discusses all the derivation behind that. Ma’am Bagsit’s teaching method is still the same. Although this time she writes down notes which are really very clear. Her examples tend to be way simpler than the questions in your exam. She uses SOA reviewer for your review also. Her exams were really difficult although I heard she changed them to easier ones already. You’d think she spoon feeds by the way she teaches but when you answer her exams, you’d realize how you really need to have a clear understanding of your lessons. Other than exams and a few homework, we also did reporting about special topics still related to the course. You’d do a lot of memorization of formulas so be mindful!! Math 162 can be difficult if you’re too complacent. Always pay attention in class.

Final Grade: [2.00, 2.75]

GEOG 131 – Ma’am Rocelyn De Vera

Chill class and really fun. You’ll have your classroom usuals: written exams, map quizzes, reporting, and field trip. We went to Calaguas that time and stayed at some resort I forgot. (Click here to read more about the trip!). For the final project, we were simply asked to write a blog. (Yes, the one I linked earlier.) Just like any other Geog prof, assuming you’re lucky that is, Ma’am Ros teaches well and makes class really fun. Except during your classmate’s reporting when you can doze off. (Just kidding!!) I don’t recall much from this class except for the trip, really. Anyway, she’ll provide you the materials you’d study for exams. Recommended to take this course along with other stressful subjects.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.25]

PHILO 198 (Philosophy of Mind) – Sir Zosimo Lee

Okay, let me start by saying: we were just six students in class. You’re expected to read, read, and read. The book isn’t really difficult, though. The class gives you a lot to think about. It’s like Psych class except that it’s more conceptual. You’d discuss different theories of the mind. You will be forced to participate. What do you expect? It’s a really small class so everyone gets to talk every meeting. You won’t have to take much notes. Just read and participate. Share your ideas. Dean Lee is a really good prof and he’d help you extract your thoughts. You’ll have to report twice — well, more of discuss a chapter and then of course, throw in your own ideas. You’d be required to write papers every few chapters and then you’d have to submit your final paper. (20 pages, I think.) Don’t worry, you’ll be given a research break. Make sure your paper is well-written!! Philo 198 was really refreshing for me even if it’s almost always mind-fucking. Sir dismisses class early, usually. Just as long as you finish discussing the chapter. You’d have to exert effort in this class because 1) come on, it’s Dean Lee and 2) you’re very few in class so you will not escape sharing your ideas.

Book used: John Searle’s Mind: A Brief Introduction (Sir will give you a copy.)

Final Grade: [1.25, 1.75]

MATH 114 – Sir Romar Dela Cruz

Well, well, well. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN THIS COURSE!! Okay, I really regret taking Math 114 because it was so difficult!!! I mean it!! I’d sit in class, not understanding ANYTHING and I’d just copy notes which btw, are full of numbers and letters and I don’t understand anything!! Sir Romar’s voice makes my eyes droop so that’s not of any help. Plus, almost all my classmates are from the College of Engineering and they’re taking Math 55 (which I haven’t) and they easily get things. I DON’T. This was probably the toughest Math subject I took because I had to self-study everything. I thought it was easy because it’s just matrices but nope!! It’s hella difficult, I can’t emphasize that enough. I found it really difficult to follow discussions. Although I realized (also late) that it’s the core of my Math 180.1 — the basis, change of basis, transformation, etc. It’s linear algebra. A lot to do with matrices and vectors. I didn’t like this subject because there wasn’t much real life application (unlike what I got from my Math 180.1 class though) of the processes. Exams are difficult. Make sure you do well on the first exam because that’s the easiest! Sir gives sample exercises you can review for exams. Also ask samplexes from Engineering students. It’ll help!

Final Grade: [2.00, 2.75]

PI 100 – Ma’am Ma. Crisanta Flores

Never mind that we didn’t have field trips. Ma’am Flores is one of the (if not the best) professors I’ve had in UP. She has the best set of readings too. You’ll have a good view of both sides of the coin. Unlike most professors I know, Ma’am Flores doesn’t impose her ideas. Instead, she lets you have your own judgment. She discusses Rizal both as the acclaimed hero and also as a traitor. I haven’t heard much about other PI profs (except for Naval, Iniego (?), and Ocampo) but I don’t think any student of hers would disagree with me when I say she really really teaches well. She has the best insights about Rizal and his works. You can say she’s your stereotypical professor but she isn’t as strict. She’s just super good so just take this class and stop gambling on CRS to get Ocampo just for the field trip, okay? I won’t trade the learnings from this class just for a fun field trip. Anwyay, for the class requirements, I’m not sure if we had to write a paper but I do remember having to report (as a group! Make sure it’s creative). We also have exams. Ma’am is very particular in essays so do well!! You’d also have quizzes. Recite a lot. Read in advance. Don’t come to class unprepared. Take down notes if you want but the really important thing is that you read. Ma’am can discuss a little fast so you’d have to read beforehand to catch up. Super recommended class.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

PSYCH 101 – Ma’am Angela Yu

I wish I took this class earlier. I mean, it’s very useful in life so the earlier you take it, the better. I’m not sure what you expect from a Psych 101 class but it’s definitely worth it. Just reading the book gives you a lot already. Personally, it helped me understand people more — and yes that includes myself. What else is Psych supposed to help you with? The class itself is fun, I guess because of my classmates too. Ma’am gives a lot of requirements so make sure you check your UVLe every time. Also, please go to class on time because we always have quizzes before the class starts so study!! (Hack: if you didn’t get to study, read the chapter summary at the back. But it’s not always reliable — not when she gives short essays for quizzes, right?) You’d get to negotiate how many exams you’d have but Ma’am is very generous with bonus points. (Or at least because I really did put effort in the essay part of my exam). Essays are either multiple choice or essay or a combination of the two. You’ll have to report and she’ll let you take on the discussion. Although please don’t report as if you’re just reading the book to your classmates. Add your own insights and research. She appreciates those things better. As with other psych classes, you’re required to participate in researches so try to accomplish that earlier. Don’t cram your hours! You’d have to write a reflection about this also. Final project is a creative project. Ma’am tends to not remind you of your deadlines (after all, it’s your duty to recall them) so make sure you always check your syllabus. Your syllabus is a paced syllabus and Ma’am religiously follows that schedule.

Book used: Ciccarelli’s Psychology

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

SOCIO 101 – Sir John Andrew Evangelista

A lot of readings…. that I didn’t even read except when our group reported. You’ll have your crash course in sociology — you’d learn about the canons (Marx, Weber, Durkheim) and about the basics (structuralism, critical theory, post-modernism, etc.). He’ll discuss everything so make sure you always take down notes especially if you don’t like to read. The readings are very technical and mostly difficult to comprehend so just listen. For midterms, we had a very easy exam and an oral exam for the finals. It’s easy, just be familiar with all the concepts. If you’re a homophobe aka an asshole, please don’t take his class. Sir’s extremely pro-LGBTQIIIA++ and he shows a lot of gay movies as a break from class. If you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t take the class even though it’s chill and even though you’d learn a lot.

Final Grade: [1.25, 1.75]