I woke up to the Sun. That Sun was what I’ve been waiting for for the past days. That Sun would tell me that there will always be light after your darkest. But that Sun today, didn’t make me feel any better. That Sun that rose today meant I had to go through another day. Because truth be told, I’m not waiting for the Sun. I was simply waiting for darkness to end — with no new day coming again.

I’ve been depressed for too long. A lot of times, I give up then life does its magic and I enjoy the new days again. But not this time. Not today. Today, I’d beg for that Sun to go away. I’d beg that there’s no new day. I’d beg that life stops being really unfair. I’d beg that my pain would flow away with my tears. I’d beg that if I sleep, I won’t wake up. Today, I beg that the Sun would never rise for me. Not today, not tomorrow, not in any other day.

I’m tired. I give up.