This isn’t what I intended for my gratitude post but I just couldn’t let this day pass without thanking a bunch of people who made me incredibly happy today:

To my family especially my parents, you are such wonderful creatures I have no idea how I’ll be without you guys. To my mommy and daddy, thank you so much. I couldn’t find the right words to say how thankful I am. Thank you from simply waking up early to driving me to school to choosing to ignore the heat to taking random photos and for that lovely dinner with the Magpantays. Thank you for the gift and for always always being there, being proud, and loving me. You guys are the best.

To my boyfriend who tried to surprise me with flowers (love you!!) and went out of his way to be with me this day, who got to meet a lot of special people in my life. For staying despite not knowing 90% of the people there. For being happy with me (I hope you really were) and for taking the silliest photos and a lot of other things, I owe you a lot too. From waking up for a class to helping with my thesis, from being my spine to my skin, thank you. I just can’t thank you enough. This day wouldn’t be as great without you.

To my extended family, to my sorority sisters, orgmates, everyone else, a huge thanks too.

And to You, for securing me every time I feel alone, for making me feel loved during the most unexpected times, thank You. I owe this all to You.

I’d post a better thank you but let that work for now!