UP Prof Review Part 1 (GEs)

As a tribute to the universe for making me graduate with honors and on time, here’s the classic UP Prof Guide (err more like review since I’ll talk about profs I encountered). There will be four parts: GEs, PEs, Econ subjects, and other electives/ required courses I took.

So, just a quick guide on this review. I’ll be giving the following information: course name, professor, class experience, exam style, requirements, materials used, and grade range (at least the grade I got).

(Note: Please forgive the reviews for the subjects I took on my early semesters. I hardly remember them.)

COMM 3 (Practical Speech Fundamentals) – Sir Oscar Serquina

Sir OJ’s class was never boring. If you’re up to always having class activities, having to speak in front, then you’ll definitely like this class. I took Comm 3 on my very first semester in UP. Classes were never dull. Really. We have solo activities, pair, group, etc. Class discussions are of course, relatively more serious. I used to take down notes a lot. Towards the end of the semester however, I photocopied my friend’s readings although I don’t remember anymore if I used this for exam. (Sorry!) The readings were really nice though. You’d learn the basic thing in communication that you can use in your life: what you mean isn’t interpreted by someone else the way you wanted them to get it. Sir OJ teaches clearly and gives reasonable course requirements. We were asked to write a reflection paper on a play. (Learned my lesson here: unlike your high school teachers, your college professors won’t remind you of your own homework. If you forget to submit your paper because you left class early, well, kiss that paper good bye.) Our midterms examination was written — all about the dynamics of communication, the different models, etc. For finals, we were ask to deliver a speech. Comm 3 classes usually require active participation. However, it’d also depend on how active your classmates are.

Edit: I forgot to mention, we also went on a blind date as part of our class requirement. Enjoy!

Final grade: [1.00, 1.50]

ECON 11 (Markets & the State) – Sir De Dios/ Sir Delarmente

(This review will appear again on required econ subjects.)

Econ 11 classes have this big class (mine was taught by Sir De Dios) then a discussion class wherein you can actively participate and clarify things (taught by Sir Delarmente). I’ll focus more on Sir De Dios since discussion professors seem to change every semester.

Like I’ve said, Econ 11 lecture classes were big. And I mean you stay in the auditorium with almost a hundred other people and just listen. With that class size, if you don’t have the will to listen to your prof, you’ll really not get anything. I mean it. I missed my first Econ 11 class because of freshie tour and we discussed game theory immediately in the discussion class and I was a confused little girl not understanding what on earth was the prisoner’s dilemma. I really listened and took notes on the first few weeks. However, the college student that I am kicked in and hey, it seemed more fun staying at the back and just flirting with your orgmates! Also, why listen when you’ll receive the powerpoints anyway, right? WRONG. Please, that was a classic example on how to waste a class. Sir De Dios teaches clearly if you would just listen. He cracks jokes every now and then as an attempt to break the monotony in class. (Note: you’d only get to notice the jokes if you were really listening.)

I thought Econ 11 class was just like high school economics. It could be, but that’s subject to what school you came from. It’s a crash course to your econ life, if you’re an Econ/ BE major. Don’t waste this class. For most of my batchmates, Econ 11 was their deciding factor to shift to something else or stay. Like most econ subjects, you’d have to do problem sets. (Pro tip: cooperation is key. Again, COOPERATE but don’t copy. I mean, dear isko, if you’re already not paying attention to your professor and you’d still copy your probsets, then you should be called a leech. Kidding aside, you won’t learn. And you’re in school to learn. SO DO YOUR PART. Compare your answers with someone else’s, that’s just fine. Just make sure you learn.) We had four exams (the third was a killer!). Passing in econ 11 is 70% so yes, majority of the batch failed that third exam. You have to read your book weeks before the exam. Cramming won’t work. Yes, PPTs can help you but you’ll miss out the details if you don’t read AND listen. Exams are multiple choice but really. shot guns won’t give you an uno.

Book used: Principles of Economoics (Mankiw) (As a freshie, I didn’t realize Mankiw’s already easy to understand.)

Final Grade: [1.50, 2.00] (I was expecting a 3 in this subject, to be honest!)

PHILO 10 (Approaches to Philosophy) – Ma’am SJ Toledano/ Sir De Villa

Ma’am SJ went abroad that’s why Sir De Villa took over. If I’m not mistaken, Ma’am SJ will be returning to UP by 2016. Her teaching style? She just tells you a story and you won’t realize that she was already discussing. That’s why it’s always important to pay attention. She gives quizzes almost every meeting. She also gives “compassionate leave” like you can miss a test once if like, you broke up with your boyfriend for example (HA HA!) She makes it seem like philosophy is just a casual thing to talk about. We were asked to submit a group paper. Our midterms was difficult. YES. I think I scored 50% on my midterms exam and that’s equivalent to a 4.00.

Sir De Villa. Well, he’s really known for failing his students. I once went to the faculty room and saw the grades he gave: only one got 1.25, the rest were all 4.00 and 5.00. Yikes. Sir’s an atheist so he didn’t discuss what originally was in our syllabus – no St. Thomas, no St. Augustine. He discusses logic on a Philo 10 class. He just talks a lot and writes a lot and jotting down notes will help you survive. And I mean take really good notes. Our exam was essay, take home. (Pro tip: write down what he said in class in your essay. But write well. Keep it simple and don’t overdo it.)

We didn’t use any particular book in class. Just listen. Both professors are great if you just listen in class.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50] (I managed to save my grades. Thanks to Sir De Villa’s take home finals, I got 110/100. Also, a +0.25 for perfect attendance!)

PHYSICS 10 (Physics and Astronomy for Pedestrians) – Sir Perry Esguerra/ Ma’am Mikaela Fudolig

Another large class. We started with Sir Perry since Ma’am Fudolig was abroad. Sir Perry was funny. You’ll have powerpoints in class and they’ll send it to you for your exams. He teaches well and so does Ma’am Fudolig. Ma’am Fudolig is your genius teacher who can even be younger than you. (She finished college at 16! YUP.) She cracks jokes (more often than not, about her height) yet she can be strict. No problems with how she teaches, it’s all pretty straightforward. I’m not sure what my first exams were (I think typical multiple choice, enumeration, and fill in the blanks). Last exam was essay. Well, you’ll have different lecturers in class about different topics and for your finals, you’ll have to write an essay for the topics. Not all lecturers give essays, though! I remember Ma’am Legara (lecturer for Complex Networks) had a crossword puzzle for the exam.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

ART STUD 1 (Art and Society) – Sir Pedro Abraham

I think Sir’s more known for being in Kontra-GaPi rather than an Art Stud professor. Art Stud 1 was quite a formal class. We have a lot of readings and a lot of papers. Every month, we were asked to write a review of an artwork using different elements like color, texture, pattern, and what have you. Each paper should have at least 2000 words. Yup. So I was forced to visit exhibits and museums just to have something to write about. We also had to make a final video. What it was about, and how it related to Art Stud, I don’t recall.

I learned from this course, yes. I remember learning how to look and interpret art. More than your classroom lessons, Sir Edru will always relate it to current issues in the country. I guess that’s why you’d appreciate it. You don’t see the subject as meaningless and useless.

Edit: We went on a field trip! In Laguna. It was nice. We visited museums and walked in Angono to look at the carved walls. We ate in Beatles Place too!! (Although my mom said they closed already. Sad.)

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

(I hope you understand how I write my grade range right? That it’s a legit range like how you write it in math, yes?)

ENG 10 (College English) – Ma’am Carmencita Abayan

How do I start this? English 10 was uhm, boring. I almost always fall asleep during class. You’d report if she asks you to report. We studied some literature, logic, and sadly, we didn’t study about how to write a research paper. Although we did write a research paper — like crammed it in the final weeks of the semester. You’re on your own. If you want to learn independence, perfect course. I don’t remember learning anything in this class (other than the complete list of fallacies) that I didn’t encounter in my high school Communication Arts in English. They say she’s a feminist or that she prefers girls? I’ve never noticed.

If you want an old school style of class, or rather a very traditional one, go ahead. Personally, there wasn’t anything striking about English 10 except that we were introduced (and toured a little, I guess?) to the Main Library. And yes, that’s what made it feel like high school.

Exams? I don’t remember. I just remember having long quizzes that are usually average to difficult. And then we write a lot in class. Like you’re required to submit something at the end of the day. Personally, I felt like it was a waste of units since my objective was to learn how to write a paper for other courses (especially thesis) but I didn’t get any of that. Recommended? Hm, not really. But if you have nothing else to take, go ahead. Try not to sleep in class so you’ll learn something. And yes, don’t take it if the schedule is 11:30 – 1PM. You’d definitely want to sleep.

Book used: Okay, so I forgot the title but it’s this pink book that sounds something like reading and writing 2? I’d update this once I find the book!!

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

KAS 1 (Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas) – Ma’am Ma. Mercedes Planta

Ma’am Planta and Kas 1. For me? I hated this class. I felt like she kept on picking on me and god, I hated this class. I really really hate this class. (Imagine my joy when she didn’t appear on our STS lecture!) We had a map exam, and well, I forgot how her exams were. I just remember there’s a Banahaw field trip (that I didn’t go to, because you know, I’ve been to Banahaw for how many times already for the same trip). We also had a group paper (or was it a report?) on a certain hero/ revolt. And we were asked to write a reaction paper for DUP’s play Noli.

I pretty much hated this class (more of the professor) so I’m sorry for the biased review.

I did learn although I felt like it was just a supplementary course to my high school social science classes. She just lectures and you’ll get through by listening and reading. You have to read because as far as I remember, she calls people in class to recite.

Book used: Teodoro Agoncillo’s History of the Filipino People

Final Grade: [1.75, 2.25]

MBB 1 (Biotechnology and You) – Sir Fabini Orata/ Ma’am Aiko Diaz

MY FAVORITE MST. I guess. I loved MBB 1 and this made me want to shift to Bio or MBB but, I told myself: dream on. MBB 1 teaches you your genetics but also about other things like viruses! This subject was extremely interesting for me. Both Sir Fabini and Ma’am Aiko are great professors. You have powerpoints but again, for me, taking notes will really help you in class. We had cool activities like trying to investigate who the killer was by matching DNAs. We did reports on diseases. (Group report, we were assigned with HIV1.) You’ll also have a group final output equivalent for finals. (I was about to link our final project but I can’t find it anymore.) You also get bonus for perfect attendance.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.25]

ENG 11 (Literature and Society) – Sir Frank Lloyd Tiongson

I took English 11 on a summer semester and it was chill. He gave us a bunch of readings. We submitted index cards so he can call us for recitation. You’ll have to answer ALL questions for that day if you’re called. Class beadles get a +0.25 incentive. Class was chill because he was always absent. Readings were relatively easy — purely literature. He was either absent because of law school or because he has a hang over. No exams, just a book report. He teaches clearly, very straightforward. I guess that’s because he’s almost always not in class? He gives nice insights on other literature like Hunger Games, LOTR, etc. Great prof except that you’ll only learn when he’s around. Which isn’t as often as you want it to be.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

GEOG 1 (Places and Landscapes in a Changing World) – Sir Emmanuel Garcia

Geog 1. How do people describe this? Unoable? Field trips? Well yes. I think everyone loves Geog 1 because you learn a lot, you get to have field trips, AND you get to have a high grade. Geog 1 profs are generally good profs. We went to RRC for our field trip. We had group reports, group activities like creating an acad oval map using your pace factor, etc. You’ll have map quizzes, of course. Exams are easy. Just study and take down notes. Although Sir Emman gives handouts anyway.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.25]

ES 10 (Forces at Work) – Sir Jaylord Tantian

Engineering Science 10 can be summed up in one word: groupwork. And you need to have really good groupmates. You’ll have four activities: a straw tower challenge, a toothpick bridge challenge, an egg drop challenge, and a boat challenge. All of which, you’re supposed to apply your lessons. I think they give powerpoints although I still relied on my notes. Exams are easy to average. Just study. I know Sir Tantian isn’t the only prof for ES 10 (there were 3, based on my CRS but I don’t remember the others except for Sir Suiza (?) who dismisses class really late) but I think he taught majority of the time. He’s okay. Just don’t cut class. You’d get a 5.0. He hates students who signs attendance but then cuts class after. Even if we’re a large class, he checks attendance twice so he’d know if you really went to class. He gives pop quizzes too so try not to be late in class. You’ll have a few papers too.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

SOC SCI 2 (Social, Economic, and Political Thought) – Ma’am Katherine Hernandez

I equally loved the professor and the subject. Ma’am Hernadez really knows what she’s teaching. You have to take down a lot of notes. She talks fast too so you need to keep up. Don’t be late because she starts on time and you’ll miss out a lot already if you don’t arrive on time. No quizzes, I think. Just exams. I found her exams easy although some of my classmates didn’t (I got around 95% for both exams, class average was around 70+-). No essays because she hates correcting essays. Her exams are objective. You’ll have group report too. I read before class because it helps you understand what she’s talking about. Super great professor. Hates the administration. Very radical. She’s amazing, really. One of the best professors in UP.

Books used: The Great Political Theories (yes, both books)

Final Grade: [2.00, 2.75] (Yes, I was expecting at least a 1.25 in this class. I got 2.00 and that was the highest grade she gave. I realized it was because our class didn’t recite as much. So yes, class participation matters.)

FIL 40 (Wika, Kultura, at Lipunan) – Ma’am Vina Paz

I also took Fil 40 on a summer. Ma’am Vina Paz will make you understand how important GEs are in your college life. She teaches on the first part but then you’ll have a lot of group reports for the latter parts of the semester. I think each group is assigned two topics. You’ll also have to write an individual research paper. Exams are difficult. I know a lot of people who failed the midterms. The final exam is a take home exam, which is pretty easier than the first one. Ma’am Vina Paz is like the stereotypical teacher who teaches really really well.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.50]

STS (Science, Technology, and Society) – Sir Fidel Nemenzo

STS is probably the most in demand MST. Large class. Different lecturers everyday so I guess it’s pretty useless to give a prof review? Exams are essays. They’d give you a copy of the powerpoints. Large class but they check attendance AND you have only max of four cuts/ absences. We were also asked to submit reaction papers, a group research paper and a report on the same topic.

Final Grade: [1.00, 1.25]

BIO 1 (Contemporary Topics in Biology) – Sir Frio

I didn’t take Bio 1. Alfred (my boyfriend) did. But I sat in his class for like most of the time. The prof’s really funny. Very entertaining. He demands respect too, though. I feel like his class takes it for granted cause he always makes jokes. He teaches well — sings you songs he rendered to match his lessons which will definitely make you remember it. He gives quizzes. Exams, I think, are objective. He also teaches you lessons in life and best thing: he plays random funny/cute dog/cat videos before the class ends or when he feels like the class is getting pretty dull.