Catharsis 0.013

Another sigh escaped my lips. Perhaps, this is unending?

I have been trying to be okay with disappointments. I’ve been trying to smile at everything despite their imperfection. I’m doing my best to be contented with whatever there is. I guess it’s high-time that I accept that life throws lemons and evading, or trying to negotiate won’t always work. I guess it’s time to just accept that nothing will change. Someone’s pride will continuously get in the way. Someone will always see what you do as something else, always misinterpret what you do, will always hear you the way you didn’t mean to be heard.

I guess it’s time to step back. Sigh, but don’t give up. Just step back. Probably, it’s time to embrace the shit that there is.

Withdrawal was never my thing. Sometimes, however, life tires you so much, you stop giving fucks.