Box 6


This is another backlog so apologies because I no longer remember the order. Hopefully I still remember what happened.

  • Bcause the bottle’s fricking cute.
  • Food. Those rare moments we cook at home. That’s grilled salmon with caprese.
  • Random food my boyfriend feeds me. (Is it supposed to be you being sweet or me being always hungry? Ha ha ha!)
  • Another of those car rides.
  • New sisses! And also long nights.
  • So my boyfriend got sick (viral exanthem) and decided to visit him at home.
  • The Sorority held an outreach program for cancer patients. The kids were really cute and happily, they seemed to enjoy our gifts and program. (The nametag says “Ate Gab” because the kids can’t pronounce my first name properly haha!)
  • Another of those roadtrips.
  • Selfie shmelfie.
  • Library hits. Because the lighting was really nice. Also hell week.
  • I overtilted my laptop screen so tada! I had to use a tablet. During hell week. I had no laptop during hell week. Can you even understand how difficult that was?????????????
  • After two weeks, my dad decided to accompany me to this shop I found online that fixes laptop screens. And of course we had to eat. Ha ha ha. Father-daughter bonding at its finest.
  • I really really love how the sun shines in the Math Building.
  • Tokyo Tontekki with my family and then with my boyfriend. Always pigging out. Ha ha ha!
  • Fat cheeks. Yup.
  • That’s my boyfriend working on his thesis. I mean sleeping. Ha ha! Always tired after his OJT.