Box 5


I was supposed to add the photos from October but there are 18 files in that folder so next post it is. Haha. I’m sort of resurrecting this blog ie I’ll be posting here life events and significant (??) thoughts. All those for emotional stability, I’ve decided to hide from the world because they’re just too sad. I created a private blog for that so yes, let this be a happy site. Haha.

  • Intentionally chose this photo of me and my brother during my cousin’s debut because who won’t like a distorted face of him for once??? HAHA. This was like the first debut I’ve attended for years. I guess I’m too old for birthday parties?
  • Math 114 exam. Uhm, where do I even begin? I studied. Like I really put extra effort (extra effort meaning creating reviewer, etc which I don’t usually do for my subjects especially math). I felt like I did well in the exam ┬ábut it turned out I didn’t. Ah well, I guess some sacrifices don’t always pay off. At least I tried.
  • Birthday gift! So what happened: I was fighting with my boyfriend on my birthday (because pms?? Kidding) but I asked him to come to our family dinner x birthday celebration and he did and gave me that. It was raining so hard but we decided to go on a little roadtrip for the perfect dessert place. Hahaha. One of those nights I’ll remember, definitely.
  • That blue envelope really made me laugh. Like really. I wasn’t expecting anything because my birthday was over but he decided to surprise me with that blue envelope containing our first picture together that started all the fuzz. And no, I still won’t post it publicly. Ha ha ha.
  • Mint chocolate cookies. I mean, is my boyfriend an angel or what? *tears* I was stressing over org recognition (having our sorority be recognized university-wide) and he gives me my favorite food and also accompanied me, helping me accomplish everything I have to finish.
  • Pan Xenia Fraternity’s 91st anniversary. So as part of the PX week, they have this rose day. So our brods gave the sisses really big Ecuadorian roses. They were really nice and cool because they’ve been giving out ordinary roses to other girls, so thansk brods for making us feel special. Ha ha. And my boyfriend gave me those carnations which my mom also loved. Hanged and dried it up. (It’s still at home!) I’ll post a picture here after I finish my backlogs.
  • Earphones. Because this is the first time I broke earphones consecutively, my dad decided to buy me earphones while he’s in Singapore. (Sadly, I broke it too :-( )