Box 4

July – August

I was supposed to write a lot of entries this November given that I didn’t get to write any last October. However, I had other priorities hence another blogging hiatus. I’d write only about the highlights because I forgot what the photo was about (sorry!!).

  • Mexican food!! I think we had this for dinner while my aunt and cousin were still staying at our place.
  • Jogged after ages. Although, if I’m not mistaken, I didn’t sleep well the night before and almost passed out while jogging.
  • Skip
  • That’s blue rice. And the salad was made up of different leaves and flowers. Basically, mom was enjoying making colored rice for lunch/dinner. There was yellow, orange, and blue. (They taste normal.)
  • Since it was still vacation, mom asked me to work on the LTFRB questionnaire. I’m supposed to also work on the analysis but they still haven’t collated the data (I think).
  • Brother was being nice and gave me red velvet sandwich!
  • (Not so) throwback photo. This was posted in celebration of my anniversary in the sorority.
  • Because it was nice. But really, the significance was: I should enjoy sleeping now because school’s about to start.
  • This is first day of school (or second). My boyfriend and I found this in a book sale in Math.
  • Because I was sad and I had time to do this. Haha. I was playing with the Crayola markers. They were actually cool.
  • School just started and in our Econ 186 (Health Econ) class, we were asked to group ourselves for reporting. And so one of my groupmate volunteered that we’d report first. Our report was about HIV AIDS. And that’s also a photo of my new glasses.
  • I brought this old cube in the tambayan. I bought it when I was still in STC (I don’t remember what grade/year) and left it there for my brods and sisses to solve.
  • Since we still had a lot of free time (no heavy academic load yet for most of us), we spent a lot of our time in the tambayan playing Cluedo and Monopoly Deal.
  • Some random vintage car near the Main Lib.
  • My Econ 186 group went to UPTC (my boyfriend was with me of course) to rehearse our report. My boyfriend bought this cute siopao in Family Mart.
  • Group report for Econ 186. It turned out pretty well.
  • Went to the Ecosoc month launch at Republiq with Alfred. Went on a road trip after the party then got home morning the following day.

So that’s it. I shall find more time to write about random things.