Box 3

May – June

The sun shines brightly. Perhaps, it appears to be even brighter after the storm. Too bright it is for the gloom that  stuck with me. I don’t even know how to retell these months. One day, sweet — the next, too dark.

  • If you remember, I’ve been filling up a small notebook with paintings. So basically I spent how many months with cream pages and watercolor. This wasn’t part of the gift but I painted it on my old Econ 161/ Geog 131 notebook when I was bored. That’s supposed to be a carnation (like the picture in Box 1).
  • So it’s summer and we (my family) have been experimenting on food. That’s ice cream which tasted like frozen creamy lemon squares.
  • (The next two photos) I went to Baguio with my mom before going to Bicol for my grandmother’s 40 days. It was my first time to go there raining. I thought the weather’s not that cold like how it is during December and man, I thought so wrong. The rain made it a lot worse. We stayed in Child and Family Service since my mom’s giving a training there to DOTC people. Place was nice, food’s good. Skyped with Carlo for like almost 75% of the time.
  • Another random sketch I made. Yes, vacation was that boring.
  • And here’s a painting of a cat. (I’m not a fan of cats, he is.) Also, still bored.
  • My boyfriend and I bought this notebook for random doodles and happenings in life. (Trivia: I want to have a bookshelf filled with pretty notebooks with non-ruled cream pages. Only problem is molds.)
  • Four months vacation so what’s better than reading? (Sleeping)
  • I was invited to teach Photoshop Basics in the Ecosoc Boot Camp. It kind of sucks that you’re teaching Photoshop to people who don’t even have laptops with them that moment. It was like teaching calculus over the phone to someone who doesn’t even have a paper and is clueless to what the heck is a minuscule Esh. (You don’t know it? How would you if you haven’t seen it? MY POINT EXACTLY!) The cute cupcakes were given as a token.

I don’t know if I have enough courage to tell you what other things happened these two months.

Maybe some other time.