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The weather’s too pleasant. (It seems, however, that I have muted all my emotions. I know, I don’t sound enthusiastic, do I?) So, I decided to write an entry instead of a report and rearrange a matrix of photos instead of numbers aka I am procrastinating and refuse to do my PI 100 report and review for my Math 114 exam.

Here’s life as of March to April of the year:

  • I decided not to push through with my original plans mainly because someone else fits the job more (or so it seems). Do I regret giving things up? Nah, I could still try this next time.
  • As part of our Geog 131 class last semester, we went to Camarines Norte. I enjoyed Calaguas in particular. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a beach that beautiful, right? I did enjoy my classmate’s company. It was nice to travel with strangers too. You do make friends at the end. (Click here for more stories!)
  • We still weren’t together in this photo. One of the many times we chilled over stories and cuddles last vacation.
  • Long overdue date with my French 10 classmates (Andee, AK, and Nikki). Had lunch at La Creperie in Katipunan. We were originally supposed to go to Greenbelt because our prof kept stereotyping us econ students as conyo. Ha ha!
  • I started working out during the vacation… but then stopped. So now, I’m back to the un-toned body. Note to self: workout again!
  • I have been eyeing this watch since January, after visiting my derma. My mom and I had my old watch fixed and I saw this beaut and it was like love at first sight. But I didn’t get the chance to go back and buy it until end of March! It’s an Ecodrive Citizen watch. (Addition to this day though no photo to accompany the story: My guy picked me up and we went to buy that watch. After, I went to AK’s condo, prepared there for Ecosoc’s Senior Sendoff. Carlo picked me up from the place and we had a little roadtrip before he brought me home.)
  • This is one of the many little paintings I made over the break. I placed them in a little notebook and gave it as a gift to Carlo. His birthday’s on May but I started working on the thing months before.
  • Went back to Bicol after the longest time. Sadly, it was for my grandmother’s funeral.
  • Random buying of shoes with my mom.

Five more months to write about! Unless of course I don’t finish them all by end of September.

Study time!

(Ask permission before using the pictures!)