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January to February 2014

I would have posted all photos but I realized it’d be really overwhelming so I’m separating them into months. These are pictures of things and happenings I’ve been too busy to blog about or I’ve simply overlooked upon.

As you can see, I haven’t written anything for more than a month because I’ve been preoccupied with school (including extra-curricular activities) so forgive the bullets but this has been my life Jan-Feb:

  • Depression. No other way to say it. I didn’t eat for five days. Well, except for gummy bears.
  • That little teddy bear along with a letter confused me: was the chance gone or are you still holding on?
  • Made this gallery for AEC Month. (Addendum: AEC Month preparations were really hectic. However, after everything, I just couldn’t help but feel really happy working with my sisses. Another highlight of January: first roadtrip with Carlo last January 26 after the Anniv Dinner and a little more drinking with my brods and sisses in Hannah’s place)
  • We were okay. At l(e)ast. Went to Starbucks with Carlo before his recording.
  • Some random (extremely small) paper crane I made in the tambayan using my brod’s campaign leaflet.
  • Valentine’s Day. Do you really think I didn’t appreciate the carnations?
  • Books I used for my research paper in Philo 198 (Philosophy of Mind). My topic was rational economics.
  • Went to drink with Carlo. Saw a shooting star on our way home.
  • Random Xocolat breakfast with my family. That cookie butter latte was really good.

Please don’t use the photos without my permission.

(Edited post and added some other stories)