13 Things You Should Say To Your Significant Other Every Day

Thought Catalog

While some people need to hear, “I love you,” every day, I’m more into showing versus telling. The following phrases are ways to demonstrate that you love your significant other and should be said early and often, on a daily basis, if possible. It’s best to practice saying some of these things into a mirror and imagining the delight it will give your partner. (Saying, “I love you” every day will always be appreciated as well. Just make sure it’s not a substitute for behaving accordingly.)

1. “You look great.”

I want to know that you still find me delightfully appealing (even when I haven’t showered, shaved or put on anything more than a t-shirt and boxers) and that your attraction to me is never-ending despite our sharing a bathroom. If I’ve showered and put myself together enough to look presentable, then I really need to hear this because it…

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