Do you know how it feels, being so nauseous that you want to throw up?

That’s how I feel right now — wanting to vomit every thought that’s giving me the ice-cold feeling in my chest, making my heart sink. Tell me, have you had those moments when all of the hurtful and traumatic things flash before your eyes and you alone can see and feel it? It drains your energy and you just want to give yourself a break, rest for a while, but unfortunately, you just can’t.

As with nausea, you can have your hunches. You assume that you’re dizzy because you didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe because you’ve skipped n meals. But as with nausea, those reasons have further explanations, like, say your sleeping late — engaging with your emotions and life musings is always better than studying.

What’s making you feel ill now?

That unidentified pang of pain you’re experiencing… where did it really come from? All the issues you have, what’s the story ¬†behind them? Like how you get taken aback when I called you¬†kuya or how you shut down when you’re sad.

Again, as with nausea, you get to feel better after you throw up. Maybe that’s what I need — vomit all the thoughts I’ve been holding back.