Re: Academic Calendar Shift

“Shift happens.”

There’s this photo being shared again and again in facebook — a photo for GMA’s article regarding the academic calendar shift in UP:

A lot of (I assume) non-UP students kept commenting regarding the issue. As you can see in the photo, one was holding “Education not for sale” and the other, something about a fight for nationalism. Stupidity could be a little tolerable, especially that they’re not really well-informed regarding this issue. Comments such as “shift lang yan“, “napagbotohan na eh“, and “pera ng bayan ginagastos niyo, mag-aral na lang kayo” were just beyond annoying because honestly, it’s more than a shift. These students who put effort in rallying because they felt unheard had their reasons more than selfish reasons. Seeing your fellow iskolar share this photo with captions “May maipaglaban lang” was the final straw. As you can see, I’m that type who’d rather blog about how pissed off I am with my own life and not really about these type of things.

As a UP student, however, it is our responsibility to scrutinize policies and not just sit and accept things without knowing the story behind.

In GMA’s report, President Pascual mentioned: “Nagkaroon ulit ng survey ang USC. Sample size is 3,000. More than 1,800 ang pabor“. What’s proper consultation anyway? Just asking students if they’re pro-shift or not? For what reason was that? Let me tell you what I think: most UP students are pro-shift because of personal reasons. Did they really consider the advantages like internationalization? No, I doubt that. If you’re going to get started with how there’d be lesser interruptions, come on, let’s not even. Pascual himself agreed with Zabat that it’s not about the weather. You get class suspensions during November anyway. Besides, correct me if I’m wrong but Ondoy happened September and Yolanda, November.

I agree internationalization is good but, have we considered the “bigger problems” these students rallied about? Have we considered how through this shift, education will end up being a luxury and a privilege for the poor? What’s the point of being a state university again?

On a paper released by CHED, they gave us reasons why they do not advise a change in academic calendar.

Sadly, this seems like a late realization.

How ready are we, really?