Because we all need distractions during exam week…

I guess the problem isn’t about me being hormonal or you being seemingly hormonal as well. Maybe it’s partly about our short temper — like how we get easily upset by little things that are not supposed to mean anything. Maybe it’s because we interpret things differently from how they were intended. Or maybe not.

Maybe the real problem is how, up until now, deny it or not, we lack trust. After all, we got used to putting up walls. The problem partly was because of how we communicate but digging deeper, we know better. We’re still coming from the past. Because in a relationship, you look for something that will make it special, that will make it differ from all that you’ve had. Or all that he experienced. We all want people who’d go out of their way for us, don’t we?

Feeling special comes in the littlest things. It’s how you appreciate the person and the person alone for that matter. More than words, it shows on your actions. From the simple appreciation of a person’s look to how he did his best to see you in between his classes to how he initiated to meet your parents. All that and even more. How do you make things special? I could tell you you look great but a simple “like” could mean that I appreciate him as well. Little shallow things.

Sometimes, we get frustrated or disappointed at how our partner didn’t do what a typical guy would. That’s also problematic because we have already set out standards on how a guy in a relationship should be. And then we get upset because we know that these little things have been done before for another person, a different time.

Now how do you make it special?