Hi, EIC.

I’m sorry if this won’t pass your standards. After all, I left Echoes because I really wasn’t into writing.

I just want to say that I’d miss you calling me a traitor for leaving Echoes, for calling me Amanda, telling me I look like this certain girl that said “you led me on”. I’d miss how you annoyingly smirk when you see me (especially last time when I was with my guy) or look at me head to toe in a weird way that I feel like it should be offensive but since it’s you it’s creepy. I’d miss how you encouraged me to cut Econ 101 or Acctg 1 and whenever I do cut, you’d tell me “Gago, pumasok ka nga”. I can still hear your weird voice. The same voice that says “Fuck you” for no reason. The same voice that greets me “Uy buhay ka pa pala!” whenever you see me around.

Funny how, even if I became a little inactive in EcoSoc, you still asked me to go back to Echoes. I said no and you know the reason very well. You respected that.

Thank you, Derek.

You’ll be missed.

By the way, I messaged you in facebook and as scary as it may get, I’m hoping you’d at least ┬ácheck it out. Just this once, I wouldn’t mind being seen-zoned.

Yesterday, I walked that same old path that I once walked with you.

You were not there. Yet that setting sun stayed the same.

You were not there. Yet the faceless faces still remained.

You were not there. Like there was something forgotten in the air.


F.G.A.P. 2011