To that person who kept viewing my blog despite my being missing in action, here you go. At least you’d get to read something now (even if it may not be really worthy of your time).

After hovering each button to look for the “insert more tag”(is it just me or WordPress did tweak its interface a little?), I realized how 13 days of not writing felt like two months. Has a lot of things happened? Well, not really. Maybe except for the fact that my academic work piled up because I was busy with cheerdance practices, trainings, and my prioritization of destressing over anything else.

So what was there to write? I would have filled this up with the most ambiguous lines, but I have to get to the point. As usual, I don’t have enough leisure (?) time to play along with words.

Basically I just wanted to say that being always apprehensive sucks. Of course, it’s in our nature to want to know what to expect, that more often than not we’d rather we can prepare for the unknown. Funny how we — or I (forgive the generalization) — always prefer to know what lies ahead and be ignorant about the past. But knowing the past, even just a glimpse of it, is inevitable.

Lol at autocorrelation.