Catharsis 0.007

Uhm. How do I even begin?

Let me just hate the fact that I’m writing again with that title. I hate the fact that I’m crying again, for some reason I can’t even distinguish, breaking down over something that I can’t fully grasp.

I’m losing words.

How do I even write my thoughts out? Or at least just make myself feel a little better?

Writing has been my refuge ever since. My usual piano therapy didn’t help. And so I resorted to writing but what the heck, I write about my feelings and I don’t know what I’m feeling at the moment. Just pure depression. And it’s not nice to linger on the feeling. It just worsens what’s going on.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t cried for a while. Maybe because I’ve been too happy with life that it decided to make me realize that it isn’t all sunshine. Maybe I deserve this.