You reduced me to that person, someone I myself would judge.

But I like you, I’ve grown attached to you when I shouldn’t have. After all, I just came from a relationship and I told you, I’d cling to that guy who’d be there. And you know you’re that person I’m talking about. No shame. Come on, I even asked you if I should start taking you seriously and you simply asked me back, questioning me if I’m ready for a new relationship. Truth is, I’m not. But you’re acting like my boyfriend and you’re messing up my world. And as much as I want to let you go just to have a normal life, I can’t. Attachment. Such a bad word.

I have no idea if you do realize what we’re doing. I hope you do. I respect you as a person. I used to look up to you, thinking you’re probably the most perfect person I’ve met. Smart, nice, talented, good-looking (though I did admit I didn’t find you that cute right HAHAHA). So there,  I looked up to you, but you started to ruin your own image. With all the things going on between us, with that joke you replied as our set up, with how you act when people catch us… Why?

And I ask myself too, why are we here again? What happened? Because we were decent beings, right?

And I know I like you but I didn’t think I’d go to that extent. Because it looks so fucking bad from my perspective.

I hate this.

Just please clarify things and maybe, maybe at least I’d know how to feel.

And wow, happy birthday to me.