Hi. I know you’re on my blog. :)

So thank you, for spending time reading my nonsense. For listening to my random stories that others wouldn’t really care about. Truth be told, very few listen. We often just hear them out, just for the sake of respect, but we don’t let those stories build up. But you do. And perhaps that’s why you know me best.

Thank you, for staying even when I pushed you away. We never really get along perfectly well but there, we always try. Always trying. 

I have always been against relationships. Haha. I know it’s inevitable but well, I hate it. I hate the sunk costs, the risky investment, the low returns. My books told me that a safe investment would constitute low returns. But this? Low returns AND risky. Nope, I don’t want it. Haha. Or so I always say.

But I guess there are just things that I have to stop analyzing. Because even the lowest returns matter.

But who am I to measure the returns, right?

Haha, sorry. I would have written this in your language but…..meh. :))