25 June 2013

I rarely make narratives but today deserves a  spot in my blog.

So I left our house early for my 10 AM class, following the usual route I take on my way to school. I was in the intersection of Banawe and Del Monte Ave, waiting for the green light before I cross. So there it was, go signal. I was crossing, I looked to my right, then boom. I got hit by a van, fell on the ground, covered in wounds.

The driver shouted at me, blaming me for crossing. Had I not been worrying about me getting late in class, I would have argued back. His wife went down to check on me, offered to bring me to a hospital. I told them I’m fine.  I was shocked of course, how could I feel anything? She kept on insisting that I needed an x-ray so I told her to just bring me home. I messaged my mom so before I was able to turn the key, she opened the gate and told me to clean my wounds and put some ice over my bruises.

After talking to them, my parents told me to bring my things with me. On the way to the hospital, Dad called my cousin who was a police officer and asked him what to do. So there. We reached the hospital.

I had anti-tetanus shots (long term and for immediate effect), making my arms more numb. I went to the x-ray room, second time this month (lol at over exposure).  Clear. No fractures. Just abrasions and contusions. Yes.

So the doctors kept saying, I was lucky that my head didn’t hit the ground.

Yup, I was lucky enough to have mastered the art of falling in Judo. So when the van hit me, I instinctively tucked my head,  landed softly, slammed my hand on the ground so my body won’t fall, my legs in kesa. Sadly there wasn’t any soft surface that will absorb my slamming (sorry for the lack of physics terms lol I think I wouldn’t be able to use the word impact and all without going through the science behind Judo and mats HAHA) so there, wounds and bruises all over.

I missed three classes…  but I guess I’m still grateful it was nothing serious. I guess praying Psalm 91 kept me safe — sort of.

Anyway, I’ll end this here because my hand aches already haha.

But before I click “Publish Post”, yup, I now know how it feels like to be hit by a moving vehicle. HAHAHAHA.