Student Problems

Studying is boring: my excuse why I’m not studying.

Let’s break it down on what I have to accomplish for next week:

  1. Stata homework (Econ 131) I finished this last Friday and edited it until yesterday because my log file was a mess because of all the errors and what not. So I generated at least  20 tables when I only needed 5. It’s required on Friday but I finished it early because it was sort of  mechanical and didn’t require much effort unlike reviewing for math. Hahaha. Besides, I was in front of the computer already. I didn’t have to get up and move my lazy ass to take out notebooks from my bag and study.
  2. Finish Chapter 2 (Econ 122) I finished Chapter 1 during class because it was easier to read than listen. I read a few paragraphs a  while ago but you know, short attention span. Tada. Net. Procrastination. Typical, typical.
  3. Read Chapters 1-3 (Econ 161)* I consider this optional because I really listen in class (that’s a first HAHA) and I have okay notes so yup, I can just read before exam. Kidding. Or not.
  4. Answer previous groupwork (Math 162)  Aaaaaaaaah Math 162. We had a groupwork last  Thursday and we answered one item per person So I’m just going to review it and try if I could answer them too. So I have 5-6 items to work on. This can wait. Because I’m hoping we’d answer them again in class. HAHAHA.
  5.  Review for exam on July 2 (Math 54) Made this last for a reason. So this entry will revolve here. Lesson: Trigonometric Substitution, Partial Fractions, Improper Integrals. Gotta love Calculus. Hahaha. Undeniably, I love math. But you know, sometimes, it’s just…….tiring? Boring? I don’t know. I’m not sure if it was a good decision taking 50 series actually. I just did so I can take higher Math electives. I find it  boring. Again, boring. Boooooooring. Because I took Partial Fractions back in high school, discussed it in Math 17 AND Math 102. So this is the fourth time I’m listening to this. We didn’t have integral calculus back in high school but technically, I learned integration in college so I just had to make the function integrable right? How? By decomposing. Which,  as I’ve said, I’ve been doing every year since 4th year high school. That’s why it’s boring. Studying is boring but learning isn’t. I like learning. I don’t like studying the same thing I understood already. If I sit in a class and not understand everything, I’d study it even if it takes me ages to start because I have a motivation. I need to understand it. But you know, it gets boring when you understood  the topic already. Last year, I listened to four different professors tell me about the Lagrangian method. And now, this. Partial Fractions. Some people may enjoy listening to the same lecture twice (or four times in my case — what’s the word for this? Haha) but I don’t. Yes, that feeling when you’re ahead of everyone else is nice but that’s only nice when you’re in class — because you have the option to slee — I mean you can follow the lecture easily right? Right.

So I had to rant about how my lessons are repetitive but lol I wanted this.

Actually, I just wrote this — what’s the opposite of necessity? Or there’s none cause it’s a noun? — (you get the point) so I can bring myself to study. Writing always help me set my mood :)