Last semester, I took Soc Sci II under Ma’am Hernandez. I was pretty confident on getting a grade of at least 1.25.

Well, I didn’t.

I got the highest grade she gave. 2.00. This isn’t something worth bragging. Really.  The reason I’m sharing this is that this is the only *low* grade that I got to accept. Even if I think I still don’t deserve such, I got to accept it because she was a brilliant professor. I didn’t regret taking the class and learning so much.

She emphasized (non-verbatim): Be scared of someone who is so eager to run for a position. That person has no idea what he/she is doing.

Furthermore, she explained to us what a true representative is — what a true leader should be. As a representative, you don’t make a decision beneficial to your constituents alone. You should consider the entire population when making a decision. So why do we call it a representative if that’s the case, right? It’s because the person voices out our concern for the law-making body to make a decision that will benefit everyone, that will answer everyone’s concern or at least compromise.

See, if some idiot is soooooo eager for a position, she probably has no idea what she wants. If she can’t defend her stand or even make one, but she keeps on telling she wants to serve, doubt. If she tells you that she’ll prove herself when she’s in the position already, doubt. When she cares more about publicity than voicing out her opinion, doubt. When she  doesn’t know anything about law-making but still wants to run, doubt.

Doubt and question. Have higher standards.

It’s that simple.

When your water pipe at home is not working, you call a plumber. You won’t call a cook because your cook has no idea on how to fix that leaking pipe. Not unless he or she has a background in fixing such. When your laptop is broken and you can’t fix it yourself, you go to someone who knows how to.

Because we have such high standards on the littlest things. We want a professor who knows what he/she is teaching. You don’t get an Engineering professor for a Public Econ subject not unless he knows Public Economics right?

But why is it that when we choose people to run this country, we only have reading and writing as our requirement? (Yeah sure, age requirement, residency, and whatnot is important but on knowledge? Hm…)

And we wonder why stupid people get elected.

Partly, yes, because of uneducated voters. But mostly because stupid people were allowed to run.