Catharsis 0.003

Maaaaaan, third post. Again, Mishkin, I’m setting you aside for my “emotional stability”.

No, don’t worry, I’m not likely to go jump of a building or cut my wrist. I’d probably just stay in bed all day doing nothing even if I have an exam this Tuesday and videos to render for a production.

There was this one crucial day that I decided, despite the huge possibility of my decision being wrong, or of him disagreeing as always, I decided to give up. And for some miracle, he did let go.

Well, not completely. We talk, yes. Friends. With perhaps the greatest comparative advantage over anyone else who would like to be with the other. It got me thinking, why let go of something that makes you happy. (To be fair, there were a lot of considerations before I came up with that question. But you know, at that instant, some days after we broke up, I thought, yes, he did make me happy. He makes me happy despite the amount of shit we’ve been through.)

I set the question aside, just for the sake of having a peaceful mind.

And now, I realized, that the assurance of being happy in the long run isn’t there. There’s this high propensity of us hurting each other and what not. And I’m no risk-taker for such.


Midget, for the record, you’re right. It is emotionally-taxing.