Catharsis 0.002

I can’t find words offensive enough to say to you.

If you think fighting strengthens a relationship, let me tell you otherwise. It ruins it especially when your relationship’s planted with no deep roots. You fall out easily. Momentarily, yes, you make me happy. However, most of the time, you suck at being that guy you were supposed to be. Maybe I’m in no position to tell you how, but trust me, I would know if you were doing things right. Even if you think I’m this self-centered bitch who can’t be contented with what you give, or maybe can’t appreciate your efforts, or perhaps the freak who always wants to be in control, trust me, if this thing’s right, I would know. Because it wouldn’t wound me like this. I would have realized sooner or later the efforts you were putting. I would have seen through all the crap we dealt with. But no. I hated you for all the shit.

I have no more intentions of talking to you. For the last time: fuck you.