Catharsis 0.001

This shouldn’t be.

I have never felt fucking vulnerable in my entire life. Well maybe I have, but recently, this is killing me.

Stop reading: too dramatic for you.

I stopped seeking comforting words from you because at the end of the day, I know some part of me blames you for this. More than that, I know you’re tired of listening to me (or I think you are, since you say otherwise). Come on, I myself am tired of this bullshit. It’s like that issue all over again. It passes my mind and boom, breakdown. But yeah, of course you wouldn’t know. Because last time it happened……… Let’s just not talk about it.

I just had to write this. It probably isn’t helping. Meh. How would it when I can see my fricking school stuff through my peripheral vision as if they weren’t occupying me beforehand. (And maybe I really need to do them instead of feeling so down about my life. *Heavy sigh*)

Shitty life is shitty. Why again am I here?


Someone please remind me.