This is for you, though you wouldn’t be able to read it because you probably don’t know me. Not unless you’re a stalker like me and you were curious and bitter, then hi.

You’re long over it. Or at least that’s what you tell people. You say you’re done but you keep on mentioning it again and again. And you keep on bringing it up on what, your blogs, your tweets, and what not. Nevertheless, I have three things to tell you:

  1. Thank you. Without you finally letting him go, we would not be where we are today. Thank you for summing up the courage to let go even if it hurt you like crap, even if you wanted him still when he broke up with you, and most of all, even if you love him still. I give you that. I acknowledge you for giving him the experience. Even if at times, comparison takes place, or even if at times, he acts like a jerk because he thought it was okay to do so because it was okay with you, I still thank you. He wouldn’t be who he is right now without you. So thank you.
  2. Stop being a bitch. Give him what he deserves. He’s far from perfect, I know. He easily gets ticked off. You know him more than I do, perhaps. One thing I’m sure of, however, is that he was honest with you. (For the most of it HAHA. Girl, if you get to read this, it’s nothing bad. Lol. It was just that he thought, not telling you was the best option.) It doesn’t even matter anymore if he lied to me. To you, he was honest. He gave time and effort, even if you guys fight almost everyday, he tries to woo you just so you’d stop being immaturely annoying. (Sorry, judged you there.) Give him what he deserves. Stop regretting that you spent almost two years with him. Just thank him and get over it. Stop being bitter, girl. You really should. Stop judging him just because he’s in a new relationship again. If it was that fast for you that he found a replacement as you put it, trust me, it was way faster how we clicked and got together. You have no idea. One day I was talking to him, the next I found myself attracted. Stop calling him an asshole. (I’m the only person who has the right to do that, okay. HAHAHA JOKE.) You don’t know what he went through after you guys stopped talking so hold your judgment. You have a right to feel bitter, to make up a story in your head to make you feel better. But I’d rather you don’t.
  3. I wasted my time on you writing this but well, if I had the chance, I’d thank you, really, and tell you to have fun with your life. :)

I said I’d only say three things but here’s the last: I hope you know what apologia means HAHAHAHHA.