I was in to my third paragraph instead of finishing the video. Then, after all the burst of emotions, I decided to close the tab and press “leave”, erasing every evidence of things I would have said, but then I had rather not.

Here’s the thing:

There are a lot of things I wish you knew but I’d never tell because 1) of pride, 2) or maybe because I want you to be sensitive enough to figure out, or 3) maybe I just can’t. Like let’s say, I would have told you how I think you were the one not ready when you asked me to be in this relationship. Well, that, I can say because you know, it doesn’t really divulge much emotions on my part. Not unlike, let’s say you not being oblivious to the fact that I can see every comment you make in facebook, every photo of these people you like, or every tweet you just favorite. I mean, sure man, I’m not really restricting but ugh, can you please at least be sensitive enough to think that your girlfriend might not want you doing that just as you expect the same shit out of her? UGH FUCKING VAGUE SENTENCES. (See how I’m really not in to tellling you every single thing I wish you knew hahaha). And yes, I hate how much of a hypocrite you can get.

And I could go and on and on. And make you feel bad and be bothered by things you’d never know. But let’s just say, I’d rather you notice. And I’d rather give you the chance to change rather than me imposing what I like.