Day 366

I was in the mood to right this obligatory blog post. WAS. Not now when posterous decided to be fucked up and not save a single word.

I’ve always believed that you writing the same thing twice is like bathing in the same river. Always impossible. But alright, let’s give it another try. Before that though, I would just like to emphasize again, blogging is a bitch. Especially when you have no patience and no inspiration to do the same shit. UGH.

Alright. Here we go:


I barely remember how I start a year. Other than eating a lot and defeaning yourself with firework and drunk people singing, January always seems ages ago when you try to reminisce it by December 31.

What’s worth remembering anyway? New friends? Love life? Tons of work? Among those many things that happened to you in a year, would you remember every little thing? Probably not. But it made your year nonetheless.

It would be absurd to write about every single thing I remember that happened to me this year. But okay, let’s make an attempt to summarize it (AGAIN. (Fuck you, posterous. Seriously.))


This was the last of my freshman year. I don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know whether I got stressed or what. All I remember was I was contented with the outcome of my work. Nothing remarkable, I only remember singing Lupang Hinirang and UP Naming Mahal for the Seniors’ graduation.

Edit: I also debated. Around February. HAHA. And it was hell of a debate, not having trained for almost a year. And around that time, we decided we’re hopeless.


My first summer in UP. I took English 11 (which wasn’t exactly memorable except for the fact that I had to rush almost everyday from the gym to AS, 3rd floor only to find out that our professor’s not around since he’s busy studying or has a hangover), French 10 (other than a really great instructor who keeps saying I’m conyo, I was classmate with three orgmates — meaning, Long Island almost every lunch), and PE 2 Judo.

I would have made it parallel by putting parenthetical remarks for that class but I find it necessary to have it separated. I enjoyed Judo even if it made my body ache, giving me a hard time to climb 5 floors for French 10 classes. I enjoyed it even if my nose bled after every class because of the heat. I enjoyed the 28 other people in the room whose names I still remember (which you know, rarely happens. I’m usually distant to people. HAHA) I enjoyed learning how to fall without getting hurt…………..figuratively. I enjoyed it too much I decided to take PE 3 for the next semester. (The other reason being it’s easier to get enlisted in that class compared to attempting to get another PE 2 class) It made such a big impact in my life. I wouldn’t have met amazing people without it.


I’m not exactly sure what time of the year it was. I just know that it was during summer when I found out I’m going to be Creatives Director for the org’s main fundraising event for the scholars. I remember having to go overnight at our VP’s house (miracle, I went, I know, right. (comma splice right there HAHA)  I don’t go overnight for work-related stuff but oh well.)) I remember making my frist video in After Effects. It went well except for the lack of gradient in the colors of the main elements. (Here’s the video: We were still working harmoniously. Despite the fact that he imposes ideas. HAHA. But okay, I was “new” with this.


Start of a new academic year. Sophomore, first semester. It didn’t go well. At all.

Good thing? Debuts. New Ecosoc applicants. Only those.


This was a stressful month: cram videos and pubmats for Musikapella, Schoolympics cheerdance practice, awkwardness everywhere, midterms week. (Schoolympics was fun though. Even with the impromptu futsal games HAHA.) I tried my best to survive. I did.

Edit: This was, I believe, the time when classes were always suspended. Time to catch up with people.


Ecosoc month. Birth month. Musikapella. Requirements. This was the most stressful month ever. I got stomach flu and I had lots of work to do. I missed an exam and many deadlines. I got hospitalized and wasn’t able to celebrate my 18th birthday properly. I felt like dying, really. I had to take an exam the day after my birthday and I wasn’t able to study properly. I was too sick to do so. I kept missing and cutting classes. I felt like I’m screwing my two four-unit subjects — both majors. No, I was screwing up. I prioritized org work over studies. Even over health. Finally, Musikapella came. We stopped talking.


FREEDOM. FRESH AIR. I had to redeem myself if possible. I need to pass my subjects. Yes, pass. I didn’t aim for a high grade anymore. Eight exams. I just had to get through them then I’d have my sembreak. And yes, I got through them all. I wasn’t happy with my grades. But I made it anyway. Though I had to do make-up classes in Judo because I didn’t go to UAAP. It was okay though. I enjoyed club trainings.

And then there was a decision to make. I chose to try my luck in another organization.

And then we started talking.


A new semester. Fifteen units. Great subjects, great professors. I needed to ace this semester. Org work wasn’t stressful. I got hold of my old self once again. I know I can get through this semester properly.

And we started going out. Confusion flooded me. I decided to go with the flow.


I was still in control. (Well, except now, I’m procrastinating. Forgive, it’s Christmas break. HAHA.) We’re doing fine. Well, everything was going well except for that truth I have yet to fully digest — that truth that I’d have to deal with until we’re like this.

December means Lantern Parade (and Oblation Run). So I spent it with him and them. It went…….okay. HAHAHA. A couple of misunderstandings but yeah, we got to fix them. And I got to meet his family. And there was Pitch Perfect. And stargazing. And 3 idiots. And many many other things that made me happy.

Edit: Vacation in Davao. ♥♥

And along the way there was broken and mended friendships. I got to know who’s real and who isn’t. I was able to keep in mind that I need to get control over my life. Take risks. Have fun. That’s what it’s all about anyway. And as they say, YOLO.

In retrospect, 2012 gave me so much to remember. Good or bad, there’s always something to learn and to keep in mind.

(And one of them is to always save your freaking blog posts. Or copy them. HAHAHA.)

Here’s to a new year ahead! ☺