Last resort.

This was a great day. Really.

So let me thank you first for teaching me Math Econ (even if you really don’t have much heart for economics HAHA), watching Pitch Perfect with me, aaaaaaand let’s fast forward to the star gazing. And accompanying me home. So thank you. :)

As much as I enjoyed this day, I just need to get these thoughts out of my head (and chest as they’re continually making me feel down.)

So here:

I have no idea what to do. Most likely, we’re both clueless. I’m doing my best to be okay with certain things in your life but it’s just not easy. My best move is to get used to it.

See. I have nothing to say. It’s like alsdhfkjslhfkdjas I’m fucking clueless. Let’s just deal with the emotions and go with the flow.