Yes, I’m setting aside Mishkin for this. This better make me feel better. Hahaha.


So there’s this boy…

This story would have turned out really great. Would have. But no. I got to see him through the mysterious facade he has been putting up.

He was extremely nice. He was witty. He was talented. He was updated with social issues and when he talks, he makes sense. And the cherry on top of the cake? We had the same passion.

I guess that’s that. I never really liked cherries. It’s like, it’s so pretty to look at, it makes the cake complete but still, I wouldn’t want it. So how did having the same passion ruin everything? Well, he started being a moody control-freak and I started being this impatient renegade who, despite the knowledge that he “knew” what he was doing, wouldn’t listen to him. We both wanted the same thing but we never compromised.

Most of the times, I never had my choices. It was as if a decision was already made regardless of the fact that I was supposed to be setting those choices for him and leaving him with a yes/no option. But that wasn’t the case. I had no choices to present. I was the one given a choice — kind of forced actually.

I was doing it for the sake of finishing it. I hated it already — the stress it was causing me. Alright fine, not just IT but also HIM. He was ticking me off and I badly want to punch him in the face or maybe throw him and not support so he could break his back. Lol mean. I’m usually a non-violent person but you know, things like that provoke me.

If you’d ask me now, I’d tell you I hate him. I used to be okay with him around but now, good grief, thank you for not talking to me anymore or else…  Hahaha.

Wait let me take that back: the cherry on top didn’t ruin it. I could have disposed it for crying out loud. What ruined what was there was the fact that he had to be soooooooo immature. He had to be like him who can’t fucking swallow his pride and rather lose people who care for him. Mother fucker, you’re such a freaking bastard and I swear, if it was legal, I would have pushed you off third floor or something. Just be thankful my friend “likes” you or else……… HAHAHAHA.

So let’s get over that jerk. Here’s person 2. He’s nice and understanding and thoughtful and all. But Jesus, just when you need him, he’s usually not around. He breaks your trust and you just wouldn’t want to be with him anymore. And I guess that’s his greatest flaw.

I could go on and on talking about flaws of every guy I met but it’d be pointless. Why? Because the fault would have fallen on me. Because there is always a hamartia and mine is falling before I see the cracks.