Infinitely annoying.

I haven’t been writing. Dammit. I feel like this blog’s going to turn to some old dusty website because I’m not maintaining it anymore. I sort of feel guilty for being such a lazy person. I mean, writing was one of my escapes. But you see, heavy work load, or maybe the opposite — having really light load that you have no baggage to release. Or maybe it’s just that I have saved a lot of drafts already but I don’t finish them because I just don’t feel like doing them anymore. Good start, no ending. How it always happens. Puns. Hahaha.

Anyway, a lot has happened and just for the sake of me not forgetting that I owe myself (because obviously, even if I write them down and promise to a reader, I’m really promising myself right). So here’s a list of all blogs I owe (basing it to my Drafts haha) and should finish before legit schoolwork start:

  • Foreshadowed – this was supposed to be written ages ago -____- my bad.
  • Needles, Cheesecakes, and Green Jackets – some story about my September
  • Hamartia – about an asshole HAHA
  • Useless Apprehensions – about one October night.
  • Hi. Goodbye. – private (posted already but yeah, I’m referring to a different one)
  • Fifteen – ooops. Double meaning. HAHA
  • Specialis Revelio – woohoo Harry Potter. Not even Harry Potter related. I shall change the title but yeah, just to remind myself. HAHA.

There you go. Oh and as for this post.

You are sooooooooooooo annoying. Ugh. Please don’t talk to me tomorrow. :|

[Edited to indicate that I finished the entry already]