Cause some things are way bitter than Kenya coffee

This post shall not be even made. But I’m writing it anyway because, well, I’m too lazy to sleep.

So I was talking to some friend about life in general and we reached the topic of being bitter and all.

And here goes me again, staring at that green dot beside your name, as if mocking me, telling me how he’s online but we can’t even talk like we used to. Crazy how it’s been more than a year but good God I NEED to talk to you. Or rather I need you to talk to me. Because every time I approach you, you end up staring at me awkwardly and pretending I don’t exist hence me giving up on it. I need you to stop being a jerk. I need you to be mature enough to close whatever happened. Cause you know, everything needs closures. Hello, even accounting has a closing process, why can’t we. Okay, bad geeky statement but you get my frustration. Why the fuck can you not act normal for once. Or that’s normal for you? Being an asshole? UGGGGGGH. ALSDHFKASDHSD.

So there it goes. I need sleep. Really in need of sleep.

Sorry for the coffee references for the last two entries. Been craving for Starbucks coffee again @-)