Snippets (Round 2)

I don’t have the time to write about every single detail in my life and thought that I have. I’ve been busy with exams, org work, and also, I had stomach flu and fever for a week, hence me missing class and not being able to update this blog which so happens to be a year (and some days) old already.

I guess I made a good job maintaining it. I mean, seriously, knowing my lazy self, I would have stopped writing after 20 entries or so. #simplejoys

On other news, UP Pep Squad did an amazing job today. So freaking proud to be part of this school. ♥

* * *

I really have nothing to write about. Maybe I do but I’m not that driven to create long posts or I think it’s suicide to write about someone right now knowing that he’ll be able to read it. Haha. I just decided (well, I made this reason just now but I had petty reasons besides this haha) to write because I need to get myself in the mood writing as I have a paper to write.