Indifference curves. According to Varian, an indifference curve is a graph of a consumer’s choice bundles wherein he or she is indifferent or has no preference for one bundle over another. (Technically, that’s not from Varian. My book’s around 4 meters away from me and I’m too lazy to stand up and get it so whatever, just search it in google too.)

Indifference curves.

Remove the economic concept racing in your head at the moment and read it instead the first word being a noun and the second, a verb.

Just today, I realized how I do not care about a lot of things anymore. I don’t care whether I’m not using the only pen I vouch for in an exam I am indifferent of merely passing or acing. I’ve been desensitized by his presence, by the continuous stress work causes me. I no longer care whether this guy I like sat beside me and touched my hand unintentionally. Of course, I no longer care, now. This might change, yes, but as of now, I just don’t.

As I’ve said, indifference curves. And it curves perennially.

I said I will never write about you again. I know we will probably never be friends again,  or even just two people in speaking terms. However, one can’t help but reminisce how two people could instantly click and know each other’s life stories within the span of three months. Of course, three months is nothing compared to one year of us not talking but hey, they weigh way heavier than 356 days (yes, that’s not typo) of emptiness. Those were three months I’m pretty sure we can never bring back anymore. I should have stopped caring for  a long time, but you see, indifference curves. Just when I thought I was perfectly fine with how things are going, I realized something staple in one’s life cannot be ignored completely. Isn’t it funny how we once were constantly updated on each other’s lives and now, the most I can hear about you is whatever facebook or twitter shows me. (But really, not much of twitter because as you very much know, you have a tendency to ‘dispose’ people in your life, hence you unfollowing me and me being a douche unfollowed you as well.) Amidst every sucky thing we’ve been through, I must admit that I do regret at times not being part of your life anymore. But whatever, I’d forever be your staunch supporter — whether or not you recognize my existence.