That feeling…….

That sinking feeling you get when everything comes crashing down. You realize how stressed you are, how much you want to sleep at the moment because you feel like you’re going to break down any moment but you just can’t sleep with that heavy feeling. You want to do a lot of things but you feel like you don’t even have time.

Aside from your petty problems — problems such as getting too attached to a person, barely having time for yourself, and the like, the most persisting of all, and the thing you most value waves it hand at you seemingly mocking you, how you just can’t get what you NEED. That sinking feeling you get when you know whatever you do won’t be good enough. That you’d just have to face failure at the end of the day. Motherfxcker, this sucks. I badly want to cry. ///////////////////

FML. I still have an exam LATER and I feel so unprepared despite the fact that I devoted my entire weekend to studying it. Shit. ALSDHFDLHSF.