Hakuna Matata :)

Despite the guilt caused by Williams (aka my accounting book I haven’t been reading this “break”), I’d say I’m having a wonderful time teehee.

To 8 hours of sleep everyday, being able to wake up at 6:30 knowing I have no classes and still being able to get some more sleep if necessary,

To me being able to open photoshop and after effects for non-work related stuff,

To fixed issues, for being able to apologize, for being able to mend things and not just let them get all messy,

To being able to talk to someone I’m super annoyed with but managed to put all the irritation aside,

To people who can make me smile when I’m feeling all shitty, to good conversations, random midnight talks that just flow smoothly,

To being able to talk to that person you used to like and just smile and laugh, no emotional stress or whatsoever,

To making a friend I haven’t talked to for ages smile despite the shit she’s going through,

To the Sun shining after how many rainy days,

Thank you, Lord. There are so many reasons to feel happy and blessed. :)